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Change Has Always Been The Future

As Private Holding We Invest In It

We Let Data-Based Decisions Take Our Investments to Higher Grounds

We invest in future-oriented hidden gems that meet high-quality criteria, taking into account general economic conditions. In this way, we try to participate in extraordinary opportunities, always keeping both eyes on the risk.


Taking global economic and political situations into account is critical for lasting profits.

Risk Management

Understanding risk and how to manage it and what diversification really means.

Data Analysis

We base investment decisions on rational, fundamental, and quantitative decisions.

Target Long Term Returns

One should never underestimate what can built up by decades of continuity.

Finding Hidden Gems

Interest rates, inflation, and global challenges. Real interest income is lower than ever. Recognizing connections and keeping perspective is not always easy. An influence here is absolutely excluded. Driven by greed and fear, people often make irrational decisions. Instead, we can only determine our own risk.


What we can better put into context are quantitative company key figures, corporate strategies, and market potential. With the necessary effort, the potential for companies that lies above the average risk can be determined on a fundamental basis. Taking probabilities into account, this hidden-gem-effect leads to above-average returns in the long term.

We Pay Attention to Numbers


Jan 2024

20.8 B

USD M2 United States Nov 2023


Chance of a rate cut by Jun 2024

Any Questions About How We Work or What We Do?

If you have general questions about us, simply contact us using the 'Get in Touch'-form or email. If you have ideas about where we can get involved as a business angel or investor, send us your presentation.

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